Thursday, September 9, 2010

The King Of Wigs!!!

That's right It is time for a post dedicated to the tall, talented, and bald Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage was once a cool, laid back teenager with a rugged, stylish hairdo that looked good on him. The along came karma and he lost all his hair and started doing anything he could in order to have hair on his head, such as using hair plugs and wigs.

Mr. Cage is most famous for his different hair styles in all his movies, using different wigs to help him appear, I guess, more attractive to the audience when actually he looks like a douche with his stupid wigs, it's not in my opinion because it's true. 

These pics show Nic with his enormous bald patch out in public. It is really rare to see this as he isn't usually seen without one of his wigs but I guess because he's rich he can still get hot chicks. 
This dude should have got a hair transplant when he had alot of money because his wigs in his movies are just getting more and more stupid every time or at least go loud and proud, douche.